Summer Mix | Vocal Deep House Mix & Chillout Music 2016 #139 ★ Mixed by XYPO


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DeepMixNation create new music compilations for you to enjoy daily, whether you enjoy chill-out music, prefer to listen to new music 2016 or even a summer mix, at Still Finest we have got the tunes and the tracks to keep you eternally entertained.
We hope you enjoy this fine selection of the best music, please feel free to share our videos, happy listening!


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If you enjoy deep house, future house, club music or new music then you’re in the right place. Introducing the DeepMixNation. We are packed full of energetic club music and new music which we update weekly for you. We are proud to record the very best music, ahead of the 2016 new year, DeepMixNation have pulled together the best club music showcasing the very finest music mix from 2016.

Happy listening

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42 thoughts on “Summer Mix | Vocal Deep House Mix & Chillout Music 2016 #139 ★ Mixed by XYPO

  1. I love it this mix …..give me some énergy full of real desire

  2. House = shitty music genre
    Summer = shitty season

  3. а где вокал? Убожище…

  4. +DeepMixNation can you send me the Track list???

  5. Track at 15:00 name? Plz… this should have a track list in the description

  6. Please…. track in time 31:08??? Thank you!!!!

  7. Please……music in time 16:50??? Thank you!!!

  8. Not even close to deep!! A good set though

  9. WHERE IS THE TRACKLIST PLS?????????????????????

  10. wats song at 34:00 anybody know ??

  11. Who call this shit deep house??? Shame

  12. 43:00…..???? uuuuuu what is name of this truck

  13. It is a pity that you do not care about the comments , many would be happy about a tracklist , so do we. Well , we support the tomorrow morning 20.05.2016 at 08:00 o´clock AM on our SUPPORT Page >>>

  14. just starting out, could you check out my deep house mix on my channel (sorry for spam)

  15. what's the name of song from 49:00 ??? after this song i mean ( Bellville & Fabio Montana – Time Machine )

  16. guys thats a really great work it transports us in a world above 🙂 keep hustlin

  17. What's the name of this songs please 🙂
    16 – 20
    24 – 25

    Thank a lot

  18. Song at 40 min please :)

  19. Zyzz would of loved this…

  20. This is not Deep House. This is definetly more like Electro House

  21. twenty one pilots: Stressed Out – nice!!!

  22. Its called Shazam for the knobs that want a track list……stop being lazy!!!!

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