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In this clip, Christopher ‘Kid’ Reid and Vlad discussed the murder of FBG Duck in Chicago and his earlier refusal to move out of his hometown during a prior VladTV interview. Kid said the thread that connects each of the shooting victims, with the exception of a few, is they’ve all appeared on VladTV. According to Kid, for that fact alone, Vlad is bad luck.

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  1. And this is why Kid and Play and great times like that, are very missed!! If you going to do a damn diss put it on MF wax and see who the damn best!! Its what "they" want to see… Killing and doing dumb shit to one another. Love my hip hop but damn I dont wanna see MFs die left and right, FOH!!!

  2. These rappers choice to associate with people who don't have their best interests at heart. How often do u hear about country music star so and so getting gunned down at (add location). You don't. It's because they don't associate with criminals and gangsters. Music is an entertainment business. Treat it as such entertainment. NOT REAL LIFE

  3. Not for long! We came out with two tracks that we wanted to deal with racism, police brutality and stereotypes but… NOW we're about to release some real hip hop tracks early 2021.

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