i do not own the copy right of these songs. Its for promotion only. Not for raising money. Its for fun, good music produced by our own talented producers. Mixed by Dj Bhompus. #Deep_Elementary_Beats_

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  1. #Playlist;

    1.Noir- all about house music(acapella).
    2.African Roots- Say yes
    3.Henry Krinkle- stay
    4. Dj fortee ft Dindy- naughty dance
    5. Dj Merlon ft Khaya Mthethwa- reflections
    6. Dj Black Coffee- music is the answer
    7. EmoBoys- silence speaks volumes
    8. Zola EmoBoys- the deep speech
    9. Mi Casa ft Ladysmith Black Mambazo- sugar
    10.Da Capo ft Rona Ray- unpredictable
    11. Marcus Rocco- bring on the night
    12. Culoe Da Song ft Busi Mhlongo- webaba
    13. Mobi Dixon ft Msaki- love color spin
    14. Mobi Dixon ft M.Que- city rains
    15. Dj Black Coffee ft Zonke- gardens of Eden
    16. Donald- i deserve

    #Mixed_by_Dj_Bhompus_@#House_Laboratory – 2016


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