Drill is exploding all over the UK, but until recently, nobody knew about the burgeoning scene over in Ireland. The so-called Godfather of the scene, INK, is based in Dublin and proudly spits in his native accent.

More and more, the young Irish MCs coming through are affecting a London accent. Chuckie goes to meet the key players, to see the potential and investigate whether or not there is an identity issue at play.

Watch more Gangsta Rap International: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIkK-XH6TG8&list=PLdoAu1uCjE-hwNtVr5ToiX8r5nSdDS16E

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  1. So basically the UK saw the Chicago scene from 2010-2013 and just wanted to copy lol
    No new flows
    Same shit
    Only thing different is the accent and frankly it doesn’t even sound good for the most part like why tf is this catching on


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