Deep House Mix 2019 Vol.6
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The sixth episode this year of the best Deep House tunes🌴 This Mix contains amazing sounds from John Parkinsona, Tom Hall, Free Bubble, Christian Joseph, ØGM and many others👌💕 Leave a like and share it with friends, it will help us a lot in our work! Also, check out artists from our DJ Set. Full tracklist below⬇️

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0:00 Dominica – Gotta Let You Go (Pearse Dunne & Calvin Buckley Extended Remix)
2:19 Chayenne – Nobody Like U (Beave & Aaron Kennedy Remix)
4:48 John Parkinson – Suspicious
7:56 Tom Hall (UK) – What I Need
10:15 Anto – You’ve Changed Me (Extended Mix)
13:21 Chris Bushnell & Rowland Evans – Honestly ft. Josh Rubin
15:43 Bonnie McKee – Mad Mad World (MT SOUL Extended Remix)
18:13 Free Bubble – Get A Way (Extended Mix)
22:45 Christian Joseph – Flirt (Extended Mix)
25:04 Louis Benton Feat Malisha Bleau – Virus
27:38 Fluencie – Guard Down (feat. Daym)
29:27 WHTKD – WHTNSE (LTGTR Remix)
32:14 IYES & Ryan Riback – This Feeling (Jay Will Extended Remix)
34:30 ØGM – Believe In Me
36:34 Cavlin Harris – Thinking About You (Calvin Buckley Remix)
40:23 TRU Concept ft. Emma Marie – Loving You (LS2 Extended Remix)

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Our channel was created because we love playing with House Music, mainly genres such as Future House, Deep House, Bass House and G-House. Of course, we don’t limit ourselves to other types of music. We create DJ Sets from the best tracks. Our goal is support artists by uploading Music Mixes and single tracks. We want to provide artists with a new audience and promote the works of less known creators. Our community brings together people for whom this type of music is a part of their lives and people who contribute to the development of House Music. We support artists who create original high-quality and also underground sounds. That’s what we do. Music is part of our culture that connects people with each other, has a positive effect on well-being and there is also a form of rest. Everyone usually enjoys the music. Making music is not only fun but also work that we respect. These two issues can be combined, which is what we want to show. Everyone can create music, if they love it. Also, our videos aims to encourage more people to become part of the House Music community and to create their own music. If you love these sounds and have been looking for it for a long time, you’ve come to the right place. Now, you don’t have to search for your favorite tunes, you’ll find them all in our DJ Sets. Our Mixes fit perfectly at the party and in the car. However, if you don’t know what is House Music, we’ll show you! The best way to do that is if you listen to it yourself.

►What is House Music?
House Music is a genre of Electronic Dance Music. House Music is a combination of many different music styles such as Disco and R&B. The characteristic elements for this music are: dance rhythm, sung complement, melodic line which is based on classical music. Today, House Music remains popular in clubs and on radio but also on the underground scenes across the globe.

►What is Deep House?
Deep House is one of the sub genres of House music. It was created in the late 1980s from the combination of several music genres like Chicago House, Soul Music, Jazz, Garage House and Jazz Funk. The first cities where he appeared were Chicago and New York. Vocals are common in deep house. The characteristics of such vocals are: spiritual, leisurely, flowing and stylish. It often happens that such vocals have a pleasantly concentrated dissonant melody and have an elegant approach and behavior. Deep House is one of the most sensual EDM genres. Perfect for playing in small climate clubs.

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Deep House Mix 2019 Vol.6
Dominica – Gotta Let You Go (Pearse Dunne & Calvin Buckley Extended Remix)
Anto – You’ve Changed Me (Extended Mix)
IYES & Ryan Riback – This Feeling (Jay Will Extended Remix)
TRU Concept ft. Emma Marie – Loving You (LS2 Extended Remix)
Free Bubble – Get A Way (Extended Mix)

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