Enter the deep chamber…

Mix 1 | Vol 1

00:00 Anthony Mea – True
06:11 Pablo Bolivar – Reflect
12:36 Anthony Mea – Liquidia
20:10 John Diloo – Jingo
27:50 Langenberg – Planitz Proposal
36:30 Indigo – Azha
43:16 Sven Weisemann – Floating Dub

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Curated by Ody.
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© Visuals by Ody.

Who we are.

ODY is a platform for original, emerging and evolving electronic sounds from the dance scene. We offer both music and design services and actively discover and promote aspiring artists.

A mix of the best deep house, dub techno and deep techno music. 2019 Vol.

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  1. Feels like this is how some advanced alien life communicate. Through something even more expressive than words, and able to pass language barriers of even other speices, they talk to us, in their odd voices and end up making us feel things unexplainable.

  2. Love the jazzy feel of that first track. Perfect for pretending your car is a starship, and the snowflakes streaking by at night are actually stars, blasting past at super-luminal speed while you casually cruise towards the edge of the 'verse.

    Easy to get lost in, is what I'm saying.


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