In Part 2 of 2 the Premiere of Lynwood Palm and Oak Gangster Crips (POGC) other members of the tribe step up along with Big Junnie, who talks about the Co Founder of West Side Crips in Los Angeles, Stanley Tookie Williams being his inspiration to lift weights to get big muscles.


LYNWOOD, CA – Lynwood Park.


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Interview by Melle Mel & Kev Mac
Filmed by Kev Mac
Edited by Kev Mac
Directed by Kev Mac


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  1. We run from ES Lynwood to WS South Central , by yall crossing these boarder lines and shit yall got the Tiny Loc's and YG's choppin it up and politiccing in a positive way . We still got work to do but shit I salute yall Kev Mac , Melly Mel & Baby S . Yall the foundation I Salute .

  2. I use to live in that area when i was in high school i remeber the palm n oaks … Didnt yall share hoods with the mexican gang santa fe locos?
    Those were some krazy days , shooting on a regular basis, broad day light too..

  3. I had no idea that Lynwood was so close to Compton but then again l'm not from the Land, l still love this video. Big thanks to Melly Mel for his knowledge and how he can build with different sets and he still needs to talk about Crip Dr. I can't let that go.
    Big Junnie was awesome and l would love to hear more from him. Plus you can't go wrong with any kind of background on Big Tookie. I appreciate hearing about the Lynwood Palm and Oak Crips. I never heard of them and thanks Big Kev for sharing their history.
    Plus l loved the Oak Street dance. Classic.
    Thanks Big Kev aka Mr. Untouchable.
    I'm out.


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