Welcome to the Deep Space House mix show! Our focus is not just on playing music but especially on creating best possible transitions with just the right flow during the DJ set. The result of this dedication to perfection is a flawless mix every time, a steady growing fan base, and listeners from across the globe. We utilize nothing but underground electronic music with a focus on deep, atmospheric, and melodic house music of all subgenres with an occasional excursion into Techno.


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About us:
What happens when two old school trance DJ’s take a shot at the deeper end of house music? Take atmospheric sounds, add a pinch of deep tech flavor, mix in some butt shaking hooks, round up with lounging grooves, and smother deeply in harmonic mixes and the result is a signature Deep Space House set. Enjoy the best of deeper tracks from today, tomorrow and the classics.

Deep Space House is a collaboration project of Matt van Ax (Berlin, Germany) and Mark Space (Hanover, Germany).

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  1. WoW!!! This was…er….lost for words but I was totally blown away, pure floating, chilled, deep house that completely placed me on high. The wallpaper also helped. Thank you and keep up the good work. When you have music and especially like this, and maybe some good wine, there is nothing else you need to be floating on high. Oh and a pair of good headphones does help too. Pure Bliss. Thank you.


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