4 Shot 1 Dead AT Nipsey Hussle Procession Staple Center…DA PRODUCT DVD……https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZ7tgz3u-Vw&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR1jUg9f5V3UsIY0OTKLLPfPM_lSuaVTpYXk0ySk6We2hB-Gx-c9XwYtsCg

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  1. Herbo wasnt tryna go to jail for hittin that bitch. Its obvious Tank would knock herb out because he a boxer. Herbo had to take that for the moment. Who knows what he did to her when they got in the car or home.

  2. I find it crazy how all deze people got herpes n shit but deze nasty ass bitches still sleepin wit em and havin children by dem people and she has to have it too same as dere baby and I dont even understand why Tank even fuckin wit dis bitch if she got herpes

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    Check it out. (FOR NEGROS) https://youtu.be/QxhHk5htu-0
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