– Inglewood rapper Mack 10 chopped it up with VladTV on the 93.5 KDAY Krush Groove Concert red carpet this weekend, where he briefly spoke on Westside Connection, NWA, and the current state of Gangsta Rap. Krush Groove was made possible by program director Adrian Scott.

When asked about a reunion with Ice Cube and WC, The Westside Connection member says he’s focused on chasing money right now and hasn’t really thought about the group in a long time. He also spoke on NWA’s legacy, saying they’ve influenced a great number of hip-hop artists, and says that Compton’s YG and Slauson’s Nipsey Hussle are holding it down for Gangsta rap music today.

Hear what Mack 10 had to say above.

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  1. See thts how you fuckn do a interview he listening to everyrhing the chick ws asking,he dame near ready to answer before she finish her sentence.these young cats be all pilled up slumped over…talkn bout huh,could you repeat tht question,i didnt what you said??


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