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First video of vietnamese american rapper Thai Ngo!!!!

Veja o vídeo no Youtube Clique Aqui


  1. @aznrapt3r Maybe soon my ass this video been out since 2006 and he's still going no where. Who the fuck is David Banner fucking AZNS have no taste in music lol. Bitch I live on the Westcoast and I never heard of 465 Entertainment. I don't understand what you said informing my ass? No one likes Thai music besides AZNS, no black or Latino guy going to listen to a AZN and White people have Eminem. AZNS only like this guy because he's AZN, and because Jin sucks more then your mom at rapping.

  2. @aznrapt3r Calm down You fucking AZN Pride member. I ain't got no Rice for you. When was his latest song, this guy doesn't even have a fucking website. WTF is 454 Entertainment i never even heard of that, it must sure be popular. LOL Fucking AZNS


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