Necro – Instrumentals Vol. 1

2001 Brooklyn, NY

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  1. Nothing sicker than a savage on the scene
    Get a grip on a barrel smash ya head in
    Watch ya bleed

    Y'all never need


    And so you see

    It's takes a potion from a holy a vine
    To only try
    To hide from a forming holy spell
    Might as well
    Deadly precise as well
    Ain't hard to tell

  2. I woke up with nut ready to erupt inside a sluts gut
    so I grab my revolver and grab my cock
    blend in the shadow when I waltz down ya block
    night prowl brewing something foul
    pursuing my usual stylin
    reminding how the last one had me smiling
    so far I can make it 5 stabs without coming
    when the cops come I'm gunning

  3. that girl in the beggining reminds me of my ex,

    i fucking loved her but she had a baby with another man,

    i wanna be like cage and give her death for her birthday,

    but fuck it, its just a girl, its just a world.

    i have many bitches but in the end i feel so alone.

    need more dopamine, bring in all the damn drugs.

    we can a relate to the feeling of not feeling loved

    fuck it.

  4. every body think about tomorrow/ where living in a world of sorrow/ its all a conspiracy/ the fucking eye in the triangle/ my computer and tv/ trying to keep a eye on me/ even if it does it does fly by u and me/ without notacing/ we dumb fuck ignore it everyday/ its like when ur motorboating but she aint orgasming/ now to spit some ill shit/ about our fucked government/ paying these taxes ppl in Detroit homeless wondering where their money went/ …im done….

  5. damn thats effed up wow u just take it and u r not even good I dont even feel like rapping but I think that I should wowzerz I aint think nigz was that foul bra they just living for today they dont give a eff about tommorrow

  6. lets go, oh you on, ok let go, im from da bronx get your head crack for playing silo im about getting paso move fast before jack know jer back on a new case yo old folks trying hard to stop all this gun play

  7. @jes2dajames Wut u talkin bout libians, Wit D bat im walkin stealthier den amphibians, Wit d Gat Calked Back scarin d civilians, My addition to my newer edition is a third arm, Supersticion in my vision of massive harm, Chix fallin fo my passive charm, so sound the alarms , U wont b found 6 feet underground is where u belong, N All along i try to stay strong, Covered in guts n saliva, Smothered Sluts n lit em on fire, Dis is the death rap choir!

  8. life is short
    compared to death
    add them up
    and see whats left
    seed addition
    the government 3
    the people 10
    imagine – – – what would happen
    – – – if we begin
    running around with gacks like
    them libians !


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