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  1. Listen to Locksmith on Shade 45 from today
    He's spills beans on this fake Em posing last 10 years. The real Eminem has been underground! That' explained in no apologies and public enemy

    Locksmith Kells hopsin token NF and more wrote and he used they stuff and treated them like trash and left them unpaid and outta luck as they all back to the streets.
    Kells wrote renegade. Token wrote rap God, on and on.

    Token been mouthing off, his Goodbye bonus song from last week was to Em.
    In the FBI song on between somewhere album he's dropping loud hints.
    On the you tuber hrs saying he has ish ready to upload to FBI. Tech n9ne is shooting warnings to ppl.

    Mgk dropped gang last Nov, notice everyone and they gramma came out?
    Listen to chloreseptoc remix again, they going in on him. Tjats just a few.

    I been telling ppl.
    I've known, I can hear and tell mannerisms plus they don't look alike. He was enslaving them. They all got same lies told yo them.
    That's why Dre hasn't been on production.

    Listen to Kelly's songs invisible with Esther Dean and no tears, Halo, fire in the booth from 16.
    And tech didn't just not know, start shit for no reason was purposely said. You fckn wit the wrong one.. on No doubt.

    Now ppl know stuff. Including Trump! Involving human trafficking and Hilary recovered emails everyone is able to not be blocked.
    Token and Kellz big mouths started 2 years ago.
    In chloraseptic, trafficking is mentioned.
    This is why Ye met with Trump and split away from Jay-Z, he is all in that stuff.

    Kells binge ep was him getting ish and aggravation out and moving on.

  2. Bro where are you getting your information?
    Yela is still signed to Shady.
    Trunk Muzic 3 is supposed to be the last album he releases as a Shady signee.
    So idk where this "post shady yela" stuff coming from.
    You really wildn lately


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