Old School Gangster Rap Beat (Hip Hop Instrumental) (for non commercial use). Original: NyBracho Beatz – RunOut
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  1. OFFtheEND

    The exterminator's here; it's time to weed out the weak.
    7 days a week, I'm bringing the poison and beats.
    Don't give a fuck if you're offended, I'm not here to be your friend and
    I'll turn my pen into a weapon cuz I'm going OFFtheEND.
    The world's coming to an end with a whole new Ice Age;
    Snowflakes all around don't help with the cold shit that I say.
    Now it's all about race and number of genders being raised;
    How does bullshit like that end up on the news anyway?
    Racism is out there, and yes, we are aware,
    But stop using it as an excuse to get your way everywhere!
    We know the fucking history but fuck the reparations;
    You weren't there back then getting forced onto the slave ships.
    You weren't crossing borders or trying to swim through the waves,
    Just to get to America, "Home of the Brave?"
    You give power to a word that you don't want to be said;
    "Nigga this" and "nigga that" when it's you and all your friends.
    Anyone else says it, they're dead; that makes sense in your little head?
    Wetback, Chino, Towelhead, Redneck, Guido, White Bread.
    Ooh, look at what I said, but nigga, no disrespect:
    You take the power out the words, you take the ropes off  your necks.
    Now social justice isn't really that new;
    Just all over the internet now for the whole world to view.
    People are fucking stupid; didn't take that long to come find
    That logic is nonexistent, making we wanna call that hot line.
    We all have a right to say whatever the fuck we like;
    Don't matter if you're black or white or if you support the left or right.
    But political correctness is nothing more than an infection;
    Infesting in the young minds making them think they're transgender.
    You wanna belong to a group; I get it, I was young once too,
    But grow the fuck up, stop trying to be 4 when you're 42!
    People are going to hate and that's never going to change,
    So stop crying out in public cuz you didn't get your way.
    We really have resorted to calling the President orange;
    Respect level's poor and I'm blowing off the door hinges
    Coming through the dorms, best believe I'm gon' leave you sore..
    Hit you so hard with words, you'll skip to World War 4.
    How have you survived in this world with that men-
    tality- ooh, I said "Men", spite me!
    It's like society took a S.H.A R.P class; took it literally up the ass,
    And graduated Masters, top of their class.
    Took their diplomas just to shove it in our face
    Cuz they think they're above the fucking human race,
    And this is the only time that I will call you a "they";
    You don't wanna be human? Guess what? You're prey..
    So pray I don't lay my eyes upon your gay
    Little world, where girls are boys and boys are girls.
    It's basic biology! Bitches need a fucking lobotomy!
    You're not an alien or unicorn or robot, you freak!
    I don't talk politics or religion for a reason;
    I state what's on my mind and you think I'm only teasin'.
    Well, maybe just a wee bit, but you really have to admit
    This shit is fucking nuts like the ones you pretend not havin'.
    Y'all really have me laughin' cuz you swear you telling facts;
    Well, that's everything your lackin' besides a brain and a sack.
    I'm here to rape your mind like I'm Bill Cosby,
    Then eat you fried like I'm Ted Bundy.
    Not clownin' around like John Wayne Gace;
    Strike a murder case then walk away like OJ.
    So remember, boys and girls: words may hurt,
    But if you wanna be a pussy, then just eat this Frankfurt.
    I got no reason to pretend; I keep it 100 like Ben.
    Cut off your own ear to lend back to you then again.
    Most of you that know me know I'm not an evil man,
    But they're family and friends; to the rest, I'm an evil Stan.
    More than just not a friend, I am your fucking end;
    Remove "the" entitlement cuz I'm here to OFFEND!

  2. Punk ass mothafuckas out there I know u wanna come an get me Just remember dont go out like a lil bitch and get yo faggot ass crew to bunch up on me Handle ya own do it Yoself Dont be a lil bitch Be a man put the gun away Lets go toe to toe just me an you Nobody else around I ain't fuckin around Mothafucka lets get down Mothafucka it ain't my fault if i stomp yo ass to the ground I already told ya I'd warned ya Yo family will mourn ya But see you had it coming with the mouth that you were running and now yo day finally came not knowing what da fuck just happen Now everythings black now your wondering Whyyy To the gods an angel flying in the sky As your soul says Please give me a chance i ain't ready to die To the devil an the evil spirits roaming down below Stay the FUCK back i ain't ready to GO fuck it yo just go with da flow shit y'all already know how the fucked up game goes

  3. كان نفسي اعيش طفولة
    من صغر سني بشتغل بتنطط من شغلة لشغلة لحد سن الفحولة
    ما انا اصل عيلتي اتفككت بدري ومش بيدي عيشت فيلم دراما طويل خدت فيه دور البطولة
    بقيت راجل البيت عندي 12 سنة
    يارب اقدرني اوري امي ايام هنا
    شغلى فى طفولتى نشفلى عضمي تمام
    تشهد نوادي الفيديو وسوق القلعة والحمام
    سوق الجمعة اللى اتعلمت منه ياما
    دروس فادتني وهتفيدني لحد يوم القيامة
    الدنيا صراع في صراع، كله بياكل في كله
    ومعنى الطيبة ضاع، اشكي لمين واقوله
    الدنيا مالها قلبت غابة
    الارنب فيها مالوش مكان، والغلابة بس للديابة
    لو سلمت دماغك للفكرة هتعيش كئابة
    اقولك ع اللى يخلي الفكرة تمر مرور سحابة
    اسمع، دوام الحال من المحال
    صدقني بكرا الشمس تطلع مهما ليلك طال
    مهما مراكبك عطلت وقفت ما تكتئبش
    سيبها على الله واتوكل صدقني بكرا تمشي

    طرقت باااااااابك يا الله
    طرقت باااااااابك يا الله

    {المقطع الثاني]
    رزقه اتقطع او رزقها
    اتصدي لنار مش قدها
    ودعت ناس من كل قلبك كنت تحبها ؟
    في دور مسير مش بيدك ولا بيدها
    كل اللى في ايدك تسعى وتدعى ربك . فكها
    هو الوحيد اللى في ايديه مفتاحها وحلها
    مش ممكن ابدا هيضيع جهدك او جهدها
    ولو حسيتها قفلت وهمومك كترت عليك
    ما تقولش ربي غضبان يمكن من حبه فيك
    قفلها جامد عاوزك تفتكره اصلك نسيت
    لو مش بيحبك كان سابك ما كان خلاك صحيت
    عاوزك ترجعله اصلك وحشته . وتقول يارب
    ربك عظيم مجيب كريم ما بيرفضش الطلب
    بس انت روحله خطوة . هجيلك خطوتين
    خلق مفهوم الرحمه واسمه رحمان رحيم
    كله بيعدي العمر بيجري اسرع من النسيم
    سلمله امرك واتوكل وارضى هتدوق نعيم

    طرقت باااااااابك يا الله
    طرقت باااااااابك يا الله

  4. I was taught to move slow
    I was taught to keep a grip on my pistol, I was taught to adhere to the G code, I was raised by the OG's so you know, fuck wit me, get smoked.
    Pull up in a whip with suicide doors, step out all black suits, like we attending a funeral,
    Guns ready to go, brains bout to get blown out ya domes, who am I? You don't need to know, just know I'm a real G movin like a mafioso, ready at all times, let's go. I was taught to move slow
    I was taught to keep a grip on my pistol, I was taught to adhere to the G code, I was raised by the OG's so you know, fuck wit me, get smoked.

  5. I'm just a 12 year old tapping to a Mic
    I keep it nice
    I never lied
    Count all 1 to 12
    U see i don't give a fuck I don't need help
    I do it all my self
    Always chill
    I will never kill
    Just rap
    Ik all of that
    That's a fact
    I never fall In the trap
    I'm just a kid
    That does good shit
    Always lit
    Get all the chicks
    Evry day on games all flicks
    But fuck that shit
    Waste of time
    Always knew how to rhyme
    All the lines
    Never pathetic
    Just always in fit
    I flex
    The best
    Never rest
    I go speed
    Really deep
    I never leave
    But pleas
    No bad talking or see
    He the least
    I'm the beast
    And keep it ez


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