G-funk/Gangsta Rap style beat i made without the G-Funk Hand Claps. I used a snare instead.

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  1. No, life isn’t goin good. But many people know it’s going the way it should,
    Because we all have rough bad days but we gotta keep going, flowing,
    Just relax to that beat.
    Yo kick it man, soon here imma go to sleep.
    We’re glad that we have family, roofs over our heads, but we’ll be sleeping in those rough beds.
    We need to do this and come through it or it’ll come back and bite you like a dog, and we’re dropping bombs like frogs. No, this isn’t a fast beat…
    But I’ll keep going, through the pain and heat.
    My aunt totaled her car, broke two strings on my guitar.
    My dads stressin out about what we goin do, if we have the courage to come through, but it’ll be alright by the brightest light of moon shinin while I’m kickin this beat making what I need so I can prove to myself how this is gonna go, sit back and chill with the flow

    I’m here to entertain you, not restrain you, or make a phase through. This girl I like yelled at me in the face telling me I’m a jerk, but yo she never had the courage to work. She was mad and we both got sad, it’s a bad day for all but stay low not tall. Otherwise, we’re gonna trip down and fall. Cause life is this, and we have our greatest and worst moments to share.. but you know, someone’s always there….

    You should life ain’t bad, it’s just rough, and sometimes sad. So we need to make things and do things while we have our chance. So chase for your dreams, reach for the stars, yo I think I can touch mars. Yo like I’m thinking “Dang, what am I gonna do? But we’ll make it and go through, another, making memories with our sisters or brothers. I’m here to go to one from another, never run from her, cause she’s good and life is this and that and hip and hap while this isn’t all that bad… but over the days I’m kinda sad.

    I got punched in the jaw, making me drink through a straw. Head slammed against a window made a dent in the glass.. “YO YOU CAN KISS MY A—“
    Cause this is the way it is, just have a record sell your biz. So what I mean is, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show of my life bro. It’s good, bad, really kinda sad yo I said good, bad, really kinda sad. But I’ll make it, not comin through so yo dude, I know what I’m gonna do.

    Cause I’m mad, not sad, sad, not mad. Yo I’m bad, making me sick on my birthday dropping in the store, making these beats till I hit the floor, cause I like this and that because it can be eazy, watching what I need to do before I can make it into the years of sittin here, making me deaf while screaming in my ears cause life is good, bad, really kinda sad, yo I said good, bad, really kinda sad. Cause you can mess with me, but I’ll come back, and we’ll fight and your through. This isn’t a romantic poem or pie, it’s a rap.

    A rap that I made myself, no doubt.. all these 90’s rappers spitting lyrics are bad for your health. I just saw my friend that I haven’t seen in 4 years, passed by him making my eyes full of tears. Didn’t say word, I was unheard, but you won’t see me on tv with music I just make it and produce it. It’s the way it is so just let a record handle your biz. I got talent no doubt, if you heard me in reality you’d go by and say “woah, this bro aint no joke! You need to hear this before you provoke your claims, and make yourself rich with flames”

    Cause I need what I need cause I’m barely getting something to eat while cruising down the street, making my way through the beat. While I’m sitting here chilling to sound of a dope street.
    I get inspiration no doubt but I just need to shout! I feel like my voice just can’t be heard, and I can’t say a damn word! Excuse my language but I just need to let it go, and cruise to the flow. So bro, just listen slow… cause life is good, bad, and really… really… kinda sad.

  2. Yung HardHead hits you with another reality rap. He's been thru a lot of stuff just to get here and he's not stopping. Album dropping today, available everywhere support the underground. Produced by Simmyyagee Video by Ajay June


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