“Pastor” Carl Lentz (Hillsong) Promotes Notorious BIG (Gangster Rap) to his Christian Followers In this video, I expose Pastor Carl Lentz for being a Hireling who is fleecing the flock for his own personal gain. He NEVER warns against wolves and in fact promotes them to his audience.

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  1. LUKEWARM CHRISTIANS WILL DISLIKE AND DISAGREE! Praying for u all … it's so sad!

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  2. Hey Mario, you did a video on Doreen Virtue about 5 months ago about her denouncing New Age and turning to Jesus. I was just on her website angeltherapy.com and it looks to me as though not much has changed. She is selling Oracle cards, angel numbers and getting into contact with “Angel Therapists” and “Fairyologists”… what the heck? Seriously how can this stuff be Christian? Where is Jesus? We need NOTHING but the blood of Jesus! Or is Jesus not big enough for us that we now need to consult Fairyologists? Wow. This hole New Age mumbo jumbo is infiltrating the church at an alarming rate.

  3. Although I disagree with all of your videos (I’m agnostic), I think there is something you should “expose” that can do a lot of good: the porn industry. Even most Christians are controlled by it and I used to be as well. I don’t believe in Satan or anything like that, but the porn industry is EVIL, and you should go expose it.

  4. I grew up listening to 2pac. And now that I walk with Christ I've notice how ignorant his music is. I'm glad I have moved on and became the man God wants me to be, instead of being the fool this type of music makes you to be.

  5. No other form of expression has so permeated not just black culture but the greater mainstream culture at large than Hip Hop culture in all its forms of infiltration …I say that because Hip Hop is a product of cultural creation and social engineering precisely created to blind the masses and stifle the true spiritual progress of a people who have historically been rich in a God centeredness and the Elitists and Luciferian think tanks (see Tavistock, Theosophy, et al) have succeeded in bringing down the richness of black culture to a lower frequency where money, fame, possessions and sex becomes the center rather than Almighty God in Christ…what better way to destroy a people than to appeal to the debasing elements of their fleshly desires…and then take that following and inject it's venom into the larger mainstream culture (read White culture) as is so evident in today's movies, media, and entertainment…rock music while certainly Luciferian in nature with its history of debasement hasn't grabbed the laciviousness imagination that Hip Hop has and never reached across spectrums of cultures of ALL races the way Hip Hop has and again, that, by design – Thank you Mario for your boldness – Be encouraged!!

  6. Bottom line. “You gotta get a gimmick “ and this Carl got one. He’s making big money to buy Satan’s clothes. It’s the old love of money story. I could never listen to a pastor in my area. He would creep me out. Turned out he was into porn and cheating on his wife. Money and a big big church. So awful.

  7. no one's perfect everybody sins… much worst things than listening to biggie driving thru new York. classic 90's hip hop, today's music is much much worst love u though Mario and love seeing new vids just my 2 cents 🙂 god bless yall but yeah it's weird to see a "pastor" listening to biggie lol also its probably his friends music as it looks like his driving in his mates car.

  8. God bless you,you are right you have an Eye oc eagle you can see far..when i stop listening to ganster rap i found myself having a new mind and a creative gift and plus a sound mind.
    They are miss understanding grace.

  9. Question….did you ever tried reaching out to Pastor Carl and speaking to “your brother in Christ” about His actions, did you ever tried calling and setting up a meeting to have a chat about what’s going on in His life…if you haven’t why find the time posting a 20 minute video on someone’s manner of lifestyle….WHERE IS HIS GRACE?? Where is the restoration, You think that Jesus doesn’t no his actions He’s not waiting for you or nobody to speak out about what’s up with people. I think He would be more glad to see that you’re reaching out looking to restore and bring back that which is lost…I’m not saying to live in denial about true evidence but come on post a 20 minute video encouraging folk to lift up the brother in prayer and to intercede for him that the Glory of God overtake his life in a dynamic way….because after you JUDGE where is His GRACE????

  10. Vigilant Christian, I told you to expose satanic theme parks when you never exposed satanic theme parks before, I told you to expose Six Flags when you never exposed Six Flags before, I told you to expose SeaWorld when you never exposed SeaWorld before, I told you to expose Legoland when you never exposed Legoland before, I told you to expose San Diego Zoo for their Illuminati Africa Rocks TV commercial before I walked away from a woman who avoided contact me with the zoo which led me to suffering depression and suicidal thoughts making me wish I can go back and talk to the woman and face my fears of adulthood, I wish not to find the woman who ignored me at the zoo dead and judged on the judgement seat and in Hell. I told ColCasperKY to stop exposing you and start exposing the satanic destructive influence of Marvel comic books because I want Casper to aware that children who adore that Marvel garbage are spoiled brats possessed by demons when the parents take their selfish brat kids to see Marvel movies like Batman and X-Men and Avengers and Wonder Woman in theaters.


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