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1 00:00 Jonathan Calvo – The Instructor (Martin Lacroix Remix)
2 06:30 Markus Homm – 2soul (Martin Landsky Remix)
3 11:00 DirrtyDishes – WHAT YOU GET (Original Mix)
4 15:40 Wade – Trucco (Original Mix)
5 20:30 Riva Starr – Raw Feel (Original Mix)
6 24:40 David Glass, Moji – Gimme Love (Mihalis Safras)
7 29:00 KI Creighton, Makanan – Drop Out (Original Mix)
8 34:40 Supernova – The Noise (Ruben Mandolini Remix)
9 40:40 Baunz – Don’t Stop (David Jach Remix)
10 46:15 Moonbootica, Teenage Mutants – Mutant Boots (Original Mix)
11 50:00 Fabricio Pecanha – I’m Confused (Original Mix)
12 53:00 Joe Le Groove, Mark Fanciulli – Control feat. Joe Le Groove (Original Mix)

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  1. Hey deadbudy! I've a little question and it would be very nice, if you can answer on it or have a idea. A few days ago, I heard a deep house track on a festival… in the middle of the track or… at the "highlight", the beat "fall down" … It's hard to be describe. 😀 I mean, the bass fall from the higher levels to the deeper in one to two seconds. It's a couple repeating highlight. Do you have a idea, which track it can be? … And sorry, my English isn't the best… cause I'm from Germany and I only have my school shitty English. 😀


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