The Brilliant Idiots Podcast with Charlamagne and Andrew Schulz

Charlamagne and Schulz talk about gangster rap and violence in society.

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  1. also Schultz is reaching with the 'everyone should be held accountable' argument. I would take way higher offense if a priest beat his wife vs a drunk nobody. certain people are held to a higher standard. let's not deny that.

  2. The problem is young black people are the most impressionable because of growing up in single parent homes due to their fathers walking out on them. Now these teens/adults are actually taking this garbage rap music literally. Now it's cool to go to jail, it's cool to sell crack, it's cool to murder, it's cool to drink codeine and you're only really cool if you have a Versace belt (Make sure the buckle is showing so everyone knows).

    Rap has brainwashed black America and blacks in other countries as well.

    Stop blaming the white man for your short comings. Stop having children out of wedlock. Fathers stop walking out on your children and make sure your kids stay in school. Only after this is done your race will succeed.

  3. Gangsta rap is a form of rap that originated from west coast rappers. Crips and Bloods, or just general street dudes, would rap about gang culture in the hood, like N.W.A, Tupac (sometimes), and Snoop Dogg (sometimes). So, if you're older, like Angela, I understand why you would attribute gangsta rap with N.W A. and not the Migos, the Migos are a form of gangsta rap, because trap music is a form of gangsta rap.
    Trap music evolved from Gangsta rap. Gangsta rap started in the west coast, and traveled everywhere, and every place it ended up, had their own version of it. Gangsta rap is a genre that has sub genres.
    Drill Music (Chief Keef, Lil Durk, Herb) it's Chicago's interpretation of gangsta rap, where the beats are more grittier, and it bangs heavy.
    Trap music (Migos, Gucci, 21 Savage) It's Atlanta's (the South's) interpretation of gangsta rap. The Beats are more playful.
    I'm a hip hop head, so I'm careful bout this stuff.

  4. You cannot put Anne Coulter and Migos in the same category, Andrew. You know damn well platform and perception matter.The likes of Milo and Anne Coulter are trying to persuade people to listen and live by their racist and bigoted ideals. Rappers don't present themselves that way. They don't try to change your views on anything, making their antics relatively harmless.

  5. Its incredible that Schultz wants to be right all the time. He feels he is superior to every black that comes on, and that he knows more about any topic, than any black that he speaks with. I am so glad Charlamange checks him and doesn't give him a free pass. This is an example of privileged thinking. thinking that you have superior knowledge over any black you meet. It seems like a sickness

  6. The amount of idiots in here disregarding Andrews arguments solely because he is white…you guys are no better than him if you do that. And you guys know damn well Andrew was right the whole time…Angela only arguing just to save face.

  7. Schultz is such a retard. Comparing the migos–>milo yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter, like WTF. It's laughable he's calling the migos gangsta rappers as well they're not. I'm starting to think that Schultz low key replaced Milo at Brightbart because a lot of his arguments are very conserversative. Alt right Andy right there.

  8. Hezzy has really gone deep into left-field with his alt-rightness.just sad.
    I get that he's a contrarian and it makes great for "debate" but shit doesn't seem or feel genuine or organic anymore. Shit is being said for shock value with no substance.sad. Which sucks because I'm a huge fan of him, char, and the show. It's shit like this that has had me not listen to this podcast in months.


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