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  1. Trying this beat for the first time,
    Surprised by the tempo like my first time,
    Fuck em all till they're tired of this true grind
    Leave em dying till they see it was a rape crime,
    Shooting hoops or pursuing a unique rhyme,
    Seems these dreams are always common to a hard life,
    While I'm seeking peace for my karma to come back nice,
    Basic bitches don't understand what's between these lines,
    Like some bars confining cons that control a life
    Or defining a certain rhythm to contour a mic,
    Or the hype to hypnotize and control a crowd,
    Feeling different collisions of flows like a boxers prowl,
    I'll continue this hypocritical lyrical vow,
    That I seemed to have conjured up so now I'll take the bow,
    Aim it to the hating motherfuckers below me now,
    Fire it down like an executioner gripping their power,
    Releasing the tension that prevented them as a coward,
    To become a fucking legend, fans erecting a tower

  2. Go lick someone's dick
    cos your a fucking prick
    I fucked your mom brat
    Cos she was to desperate
    Nigga you got no bars
    Cos you came from planet Mars
    Bitch you wanna go
    Nah man I ma fuck yo
    i Follow Stromzy and skepta
    Cos I ma fucking gangsta

    -Your turn


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