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I upload music for myself and others who choose to visit my channel. (Promotional)
I do not sell any tracks I upload, I do not giveaway purchased songs, I do not upload videos for money, only if permission is granted.
If I uploaded a video that’s yours and you want it removed, DON`T file an infringement on the video.
You can easily e-mail me at JaskiMusicMixes@hotmail.com telling me that you want your song removed from my channel. I will get back to in 1 day or less and maybe in an instant if I’m online.

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  1. I'm the underground king you best believe it / inner inspiration incredible out going over coming fears over becoming hip hop king all of my words sting like a bee and work like da gun your not hot I hip Scotch to my vibe eat you alive

  2. come pistol play im a sharp shooter so she going pay me for ur brain how u the man an i be running thang u only sound a lil good cause u got some change u apologize like bitches when u feeling strange when they peed on they self an they cant explain. they music an they lyrics old it going stay the same i been hitting hard like the water been hitting. at window. pain they talk reckless when they dnt have noone to blame


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