MarQuis Trill interviews Loco Nutt from Los Angeles,Ca in Fort Worth,Tx about the state of rap music and the game. Loco Nutt is a pure gangster rap artist, everything he spits out his mouth is the truth no fabrication about cars, women or jewelry. Since 50 cent and The Game left the HipHop the gangster rap has since died waiting on someone to pick it back up again. One thing I know for sure, Gangster rap sells millions. So Check Loco Nutt interview & 10 Minute freestyle.

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  1. We get the fucking point that this is one of your fucking exclusives . Y'all be killing these sick ads spits with that shit bruh . I'm trying to here bruh spit flows . Quit that shit on the real . Do us all a favor
    Ruining some good shit on the real 

  2. Aye this loco nutt man i aint got no youtube account yet but thanc yall fa all yall supportn me and all the love and good things thats been said about me s/o ta young solar i love u boy yall jus put yall seat belts on and 3d glasses on cuz we hitn hard and cumn Str8 at chall….


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