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  1. gangster with a gun, am I supposed to be afraid of a bullet
    when all you do is flash around but no balls to pull it
    shove it, I've heard it all, been threatened by scarier men than you
    battle scars on my face to show street cred as proof

    If you see inside of my mind you can see a storm ready to rise
    The tide as if the anti-christ came alive, decide to let you all die
    demise of the human existence is ready to tense to its limit
    no one on earth is forgiven your all dead already, can you feel it?

  2. looks likes another one fell victim to my blazing gun left the nig stun body numb laying in a slum redrum leaking from 17 hole when his spirit rose from his body releasing his soul its a shame man he never had the chance man to up his thang and bust back he never saw it coming man he felt no pain man now his family distraut n griefing closed casket for he caught a couple to his head basket tearing his skull to pieces right before I shot him I heard em holla his last words lord help me jesus

  3. media be the cover up while harrp attacks the environment
    Gmo monsanto who the fucks buying it crooks an pawns sell out by the boat load
    Cia moving that Peruvian flake gotta eat so its the chance that we take da fed caused inflation paper printed its pennies debt be the death 44 still cocked i got no regrets

  4. 44 cocked feds rushing through the door been wise to the game so i cant be broke sadik on the beat guaranteed to blow like two white chics that sniff coke suck fuck for hours silence real niggaz for too long we rightfully want whats ours head knoding an shits cool but son life is far from lovely best friends turn from lo or mo money more power comes problems dark shadows follow when we walk dead bodies by the ally to broke for chalk trife its real life that we talk media be the cover up

  5. @pzqllwc you're right even i searched for 2 weeks for a better software to make high depth tones. Listen to this you can make some damn insane beats with this software. Its finally been released to the public. you can get it here => bit.ly/Tw8VFH?=icvnmq

  6. The government scared us from criminals we quivered, ignoring all the signs subliminally delivered, now we shivering at night on the streets when we retire at last light I'll warm my blistered feet by the fire, civil war caught the sheeple even the patriots by surprise, everywhere there's tyranny but its labelled in disguise please if you aint hearing me than at least open your eyes they've already got our funds now they're coming for our guns


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